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Frame Styles and Brands

We are proud to carry a large selection of frames for every budget. If you visit our optical, you will find over a thousand frames to choose from.

We have a very large selection of both designer and value frames, offering something for every budget. With over 500 approved SoonerCare frames, we provide one of the largest selections of SoonerCare glasses in the state! We also provide a wide selection of designer frames to choose from.

We keep most kids' lens powers in stock to get your glasses made on the same day as your visit! 

In order to better serve our patients we are no longer able to fill glasses prescriptions from any other offices. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Featured Brands



• Candies

• Coach

• Dale Earnhardt Jr.

• Disney Princess

• Flexon

• Hello Kitty

• Hilco

• Hot Kiss

• Jalapeños

• Jelly Beans

• Lacoste

• Michael Kors

• New Balance

• Nickelodeon (Dora, Sponge Bob, iCarly, Victorious, etc.)

• Oakley

• Pez

• Puma

• Ray-Ban

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

• Roxy


• Solo Bambini

• Specs 4us

• Steven Madden

• Tommy Bahama

• Quicksilver

• Vera Bradley Kids

• X Games

• and many others!

With over 500 approved SoonerCare frames, we provide one of the largest selections of SoonerCare glasses in the state!!

Featured Specialty Brands

Hilco Sports Goggles

Hilco sports goggles meet full ASTM safety standards for over a dozen sports.

Hilco brand goggles come with adjustable head straps, and can be modified to fit under helmets. Hilco offers superior style and support, and may be customized with your prescription, tint, your number, and team colors.

Durable and Damage Resistant Frames

Miraflex and Solo Bambini frames are designed for children from a few months old all the way to adolescents. These frames are made out of FDA approved materials that are soft, flexible and safe with no metal components or hinges for maximum comfort and fit. These frames are extremely durable and are a great option for young patients, first time wearers, or kids who have problems breaking standard metal or practice frames.

Flexon titanium memory metal eyewear returns to its original shape when it is bent. Due to its unique design frames tend to be lighter, stronger, and more comfortable than many other brands. Flexon brand appeals to a wide range of men, women, and children and is a great option for active kids, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who work outside or in work environments with extra physical demand.

Erin's World

Custom designed to fit children with Down Syndrome and other special needs with shortened temples, extra wide frame fronts and a lowered bridge. Made from titanium and memory flex that creates a flexible bridge and temples that spring out 180 degrees. These frames are wonderful for anyone with a low, flat, hard to fit bridge.