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Special Needs Glasses

Now available at Kid's Eye Site!

Superior Precision Eyewear for Children who are Special

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Why Erin's World frame line is so unique:

• Custom designed with shorter temple lengths, extra wide frame front and lowered bridge.

• Made of titanium and memory flex that creates a durable frame with temples the spring out 180 degrees on most models.

Are you tired of your child's glasses slipping, looking too big, or being so uncomfortable they won't wear them?

"Erin's World" is the frame line specially designed to fit children with Down syndrome superior to the typical frame. Unlike other frames, the bridge is adjusted to fit smaller noses and the temples (arms or ear pieces) are designed to help keep the glasses from constantly slipping. Erin's World frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit infants to adults.

Also available for our special glasses, sun clips for convenient sun protection! Even 3-D clips for when you watch your 3-D movies!